Who is XACT?

XACT Downhole Telemetry Inc. is an industry-recognized leader in delivering real-time downhole data. We specialize in the most challenging well construction environments. Our primary objectives are to improve safety and efficiency while reducing costs and risk for oil & gas operators, by informing them of the conditions along the entire wellbore through the deployment of high-bandwidth, low-complexity acoustic telemetry solutions.

What is acoustic telemetry?

XACT’s Acoustic Telemetry Network transmits more data than alternative technologies with less environmental restrictions. Rather than transmitting data back to surface through the mud column or through the formation we transmit downhole data by generating acoustic signals in standard drill pipe utilizing a network of widely separated in line nodes. This network of inline, distributed nodes transmits pressure, tension, compression, temperature, torque and bending moment using acoustic pulses through regular drill pipe.

How is the XACT network unique?

Our telemetry network takes acoustic technology to new levels with capability, compatibility, and simplicity making it fit-for-purpose tool for multiple well construction operations. Our network is a proven, comprehensive solution that’s easy to deploy. It offers flexibility and versatility because it’s fluid and formation independent, and isn’t depth limited. It’s full through-bore, enabling passage of drop balls, wiper darts, etc. It also offers along-string measurement capability that yields higher rates than conventional telemetry systems.  The XACT Acoustic Telemetry Network distinguishes itself as an inline solution that enables rugged operations, not just clamp-on devices.

How can I view and apply for positions on the XACT team?

As a company built and operated on teamwork, we’re always looking for people who have passion for technology, collaboration, and customer service. You can view and apply for our current available job openings on our careers page. If you don’t see a perfect fit listed, you’re welcome to submit your resume and cover letter to info@xactinc.com.

Why and how does XACT place so much emphasis on QHSE?

At XACT, we say, “safety is a culture, not an outcome.” We are dedicated to the protection of all of our employees, clients, and property, as well as the public and the environment, in all of our ongoing business and operations. We firmly believe that providing exceptional service requires focus, discipline, and teamwork. We encourage and expect every member of our organization to engage in promoting our rigorous quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) practices. It’s the direct responsibility of all managers, supervisors, employees, and contractors to ensure a safe and healthy work environment through their participation in achieving our health and safety goals.