5 Questions with our Operations Manager and Safety Officer

World-record holder and operations manager, Calum Neff, dives into what he finds exciting about XACT’s acoustic telemetry and what he would like to achieve for the company in our latest blog. Continue reading to learn more about XACT’s safety officer:

1. What drew you to XACT Downhole Telemetry?

There were a number of unique opportunities that stood out to me about XACT, and 11 years later they still keep me motivated. Being on the forefront of knowledge for acoustic telemetry and the potential our drilling and completion applications bring to our clients,

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XACT’s 2018 International Association of Drilling Conference (IADC) Recap

Our Director of Solutions, Andy Hawthorn, attended the International Association of Drilling Conference (IADC) in Fort Worth, TX last week.

Both the attendance and number of exhibitors at the conference increased noticeably from 2017. The keynote speakers addressed major industry themes including automation, digitalization and managed pressure operations. It was also acknowledged that service companies, drilling contractors and operators will need to work closely together to realize the advantages these may bring. For example,

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XACT Director of Solutions Featured in Drilling Contractor

Andy Hawthorn, XACT Director of Solutions, was recently featured in a video by Drilling Contractor, which highlights XACT’s acoustic telemetry network at the 2017 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. The video interview on drillingcontractor.org covers how the network has enabled operators to more safely, efficiently and economically construct and complete their wells. Hawthorn also showcases how the network assisted an operator in deepwater Gulf of Mexico using the innovative technology to successfully transmit real time data.

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Five Questions With Our CFO, Tara Leray

Recently, Tara Leray joined the XACT team as CFO, bringing her entrepreneurial spirit and her 7 years of experience in the industry to the team.

We asked Tara to introduce herself and share what excites her about joining XACT and what she hopes to achieve in her role.

What drew you to XACT Downhole Technology?

I liked what the technology could do. Imagine having real time data in environments that have not been accessible before,

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XACT Hires Top Talent to Oversee Business Development

Sergio Aguilar to Lead Business Development as XACT expands

HOUSTON (November 29, 2016) – As the demand for real-time downhole data in drilling and completion operations increases, XACT Downhole Telemetry has expanded their team to include Sergio Aguilar as Head of Business Development.

With over 20 years of experience working on sand control completions and fracturing in both technical and managerial positions, Aguilar’s international experience and technical expertise bring a unique perspective to the XACT team.

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