Five Questions With Our President and CEO, Jason Roe

What drew you to XACT Downhole Telemetry?

The team, no question. While serving on the Board of XACT I was privileged to witness firsthand the world class team and culture of XACT. Coming from venture capital, I’ve had the opportunity to see many oil and gas technology companies up close, and I can tell you from experience that many technologies come and go, but it’s the team that ultimately drives its success. XACT is great example of this.

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What if… you could minimise losses and reduce potential for formation damage in real time for well depletion operations?

More and more we are seeing a growing issue of how to effectively overcome the challenges presented by depleted wells and reservoirs. This has become a significant concern in the industry and it is expected to only grow.

Globally, there are many wells that are either heavily depleted or face the challenge of needing to drill through a depleted reservoir to reach a deeper target. Such situations can create a significant pressure overbalance in the well resulting in a potential loss of fluid,

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Five Questions With Our CFO, Tara Leray

Recently, Tara Leray joined the XACT team as CFO, bringing her entrepreneurial spirit and her 7 years of experience in the industry to the team.

We asked Tara to introduce herself and share what excites her about joining XACT and what she hopes to achieve in her role.

What drew you to XACT Downhole Technology?

I liked what the technology could do. Imagine having real time data in environments that have not been accessible before,

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Five Questions with our Business Development Director

Recently, Sergio Aguilar joined the XACT team as Head of Business Development, bringing his expertise as a completions advisor and his 20 years of experience in the industry to the team.

We asked Sergio to introduce himself and share what excites him about joining XACT and what he hopes to achieve in his role.

What drew you to XACT Downhole Telemetry?

I am excited to be part of a team that is positively impacting the oil and gas industry with a game-changing technology.

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What If… We Could See What’s Happening Downhole Throughout Completion Operations?

In the last 30 years, access to real-time downhole data through MWD systems has revolutionized the on-bottom drilling process. Wells have gone from vertical to horizontal with departures of 40,000 ft, four times more than that achieved in 1985, with the ROP more than doubling.

With all of the technological improvements that have occurred, the industry is asking: what next? Could we see similar advancements in completions as we have in drilling operations?

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