The XACT Acoustic Telemetry Network offers high-speed data that easily integrates with existing rig systems and adapts to virtually any drilling and completion environment.

Not only does the XACT Acoustic Telemetry Network enable you to make better decisions faster, it affords you the ability to act on data in different ways to consistently maximize your well’s potential. XACT provides comprehensive data that results in less guesswork and more confidence in your operation’s critical next steps. Decisions become data-driven, not inferred or based on models. Future features include full bi-directional capability enabling downhole activation of tools and 3rd party devices.

Our applications feature easy deployment and provide accurate, real-time data that enable more effective decision-making for your operation.

Our ability to easily interface third-party measurements, and the future-feature of bi-directional data transmission and control make the XACT network a catalyst toward game-changing difference in well construction costs.

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BoreSentry is an XACT application that allows you to access high-speed and accurate real-time measurements of ID and OD pressure and temperature—as well as weight, torque, and bending.

BoreSentry facilitates optimal hole-cleaning, managed pressure drilling and risk reduction related to stuck pipe and borehole stability issues. Full bi-directionality and the ability to interface with existing MWD/LWD systems will be added in the near future.

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With LoadSentry, tools are inserted into the drill string and provide continuous downhole data independent of fluid type or flow rate, increasing your knowledge of what’s going on downhole.

You won’t need to rely on surface measurements. More important, you will realize the advantages of improved cementing assurance and real-time downhole measurements for liner running, packer retrieval, fishing, and milling operations.

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Get real-time downhole measurements for sand control, completions running, and packer setting with SandSentry.

Plus, experience full visibility of downhole “weight on tool” during high-pressure open-hole gravel and frac pack activities that are notorious for troublesome drill string contraction and movement.

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