XACT’s BoreSentry service offers high-speed, real-time transmission of accurate along-string downhole measurements, including:

  • ID and OD pressure
  • Temperature
  • Weight (tension/compression)
  • Torque
  • Bending

BoreSentry utilizes multiple nodes along the drill string to allow for optimal hole-cleaning, reduced risk of stuck pipe, and borehole stability issues, all while providing enhanced influx and loss visibility.

Since our Acoustic Telemetry Network doesn’t require fluid flow, the BoreSentry system can provide accurate and reliable real-time measurement data in both underbalanced and managed-pressure drilling operations, including while tripping.

The Network’s flexibility is also easily adaptable to enable third-party measurements transmitted through XACT’s network. XACT has also proven transmission of data through a closed BOP confirming the availability of a multi-location, real-time downhole measurement data stream, even during well control situations when the annular preventer or bore rams are activated. The network’s bi-directional transmission capability opens a spectrum of enhanced downhole actuation and control possibilities.

Contact us to learn more about XACT’s BoreSentry solution, and its potential impact on your operations!

Example OperationTypical IssuesApplied Acoustics with XACTWell Construction EfficiencyIntegrity AssuranceNPT ReductionProduction Optimization
Drilling Complex WellsUnknown wellbore conditions and stability between BHA and surfaceAlong string annular pressure, weight & torque for hole cleaning and drillstring mechanics, kick detection and monitoringxxx
Drilling Deep Wells High telemetry failure rates and low data rates particularly at depth or in heavy mudsComplete redundancy and order of magnitude increase in bandwidth with interface to MWD/LWD to enable more efficient well constructionxx
Managed Pressure Drilling (UBD/DGD/MPD)No downhole data during connections, tripping and only from BHA No data during total lossesData in previously unavailable environments, including annular and bore pressures during connections, while tripping and distributed along the drillstringxx
Well ControlAnnular pressure at bottom of hole often masked from subtle influx changes. No pressures during well control with closed BOPAlong String annular pressure for accurate monitoring of influx, constant pressures straddling the shoe during low / no flow rates and below a closed BOPxxx