A large proportion of well operations such as liner running, cementing, fishing, or milling can benefit greatly from real-time downhole data. However, these operations require full through-bore, and generally have no or low fluid flow conditions. Current conventional telemetry systems cannot operate under these constraints, causing complex and often high-risk operations to be carried out while relying on surface measurements to infer downhole conditions since no downhole visibility is available.

XACT’s LoadSentry system overcomes these operational challenges to deliver real-time measurements such as torque, tension and compression as well as bore and annular pressure.

LoadSentry tools are inserted directly into the drill string and provide continuous reliable data from downhole, independent of fluid type or flow rate. The system has been proven effective during liner cementing operations for cementing assurance, as well as for monitoring loads during liner hanger setting and running tool release.

Complex milling, fishing and well abandonment operations can also benefit from LoadSentry’s tension measurements at the service tool, by avoiding damage to milling blades and confirming fish or packer engagement. The availability of these measurements offers clear visibility of what is actually happening downhole, greatly reducing costs and risks and improving efficiency.

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Example OperationTypical IssuesApplied Acoustics with XACTWell Construction EfficiencyIntegrity AssuranceNPT ReductionProduction Optimization
Liner / Casing RunningControlling mechanical loads on liner and setting of liner hanger / production packersDown hole torque and tension, improve visibility for setting liners in deep or deviated wells.xxx
Liner CementingNo visibility downhole, uncertainty where cement is in annulusConstant downhole pressures during cementing operation to ensure optimum cement displacement and assurancexxxx
Milling / FishingNo downhole data for high risk milling and fishing operationsUtilize downhole torque and load to monitor milling or confirm fish engagementxx
Liner Rotation while CementingRisk of exceeding torque rating of liner running tools while relying on surface measurements Utilize downhole torque to continue to operate under safe torque limit to allow for better cement coverage and integrityxxx