Many deepwater operations encounter difficulty in ensuring service tool position is maintained throughout high-pressure open-hole gravel pack and frac pack completion operations, due to drill string contraction initiated by associated environmental pressure and temperature. Modeling has been accepted as a viable source of estimation, but there has been no true measurement of the contraction in real time during operations. This is especially problematical in deviated and high angle well completions.

SandSentry from XACT enables full visibility of downhole “weight on tool” data during frac pack operations, facilitating timely surface adjustments that ensure that desired tool position is continuously and consistently maintained.

The system also provides real-time and memory logging of OD & ID pressure and temperature, as well as strain-based measurements.

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Example OperationTypical IssuesApplied Acoustics with XACTWell Construction EfficiencyIntegrity AssuranceNPT ReductionProduction Optimization
Gravel Pack / Frac Pack InstallationPipe contraction/expansion and unknown surface to downhole weight transfers. Narrow weight window for set down on packer/crossover tool.Monitor downhole loads instead of inferring from surface measurements/models to ensure reliable completion installationxxx
Multi Zone Single Trip Completions (MZST)MZST drives efficiency and increased reservoir contact. Tight mechanical tolerances leading to high risk of installation failures and NPT.Downhole, measured weights and pressures to allow for safe and reliable MZST operations even in tight tolerancesxxxx
Real Time Wash Pipe gauges (future development)No real time pressure and temperature data at sandface during pumping of Mini-frac and Acid Job for frac design, potentially leading to suboptimal frac program designTemperature and pressure during Mini-frac allows for optimized frac design, better indication of fluid distribution and closure pressuresxxxx
Run Lower / Upper Completion, Isolation assembliesUncertain mechanical stresses downhole for set down and packer activationDownhole weight and torque on packer during operations enabling efficiency and integrityxxx