We firmly believe that providing exceptional service requires focus, discipline, and teamwork. We encourage and expect every member of our organization to play an active role in promoting our rigorous quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) practices.

XACT is dedicated to the protection of all of its employees, clients, and property, as well as the public and the environment, in all of our ongoing business and operations.

Guided by QHSE principles adapted from standards set by Shell and BP, we believe that safety is everyone’s responsibility and train all personnel to be proactive in promoting it. It’s the direct responsibility of all managers, supervisors, employees, and contractors to ensure a safe and healthy work environment through their participation in achieving our health and safety goals.

Specific QHSE actions include:

  • Supervisors identifying health and safety needs, communicating health and safety hazards, investigating hazardous conditions, providing training, and ensuring all equipment is properly maintained
  • Employees complying with all health and safety rules, following recommended safe work practices, wearing and using personal protective equipment (PPE) when required, participating in health and safety programs, and communicating concerns and issues to their supervisors and/or management
  • Training encompassing Defensive Driving, First Aid, Back Safety, Emergency Action Plan, Environmental Awareness, Journey Management, Hazard Control and Slips, and Trips & Falls; additional courses such as Incident Investigation are required for management, while personnel with particular risk profiles are required to complete more job specific safety training such as Offshore Safety Training
  • A Health & Safety Team tracking the training process and implementing QHSE improvements, while emphasizing communication and transparency
  • Receipt of a Certificate of Recognition (COR) from the Alberta Government and Certifying Partners for adhering to health and safety standards