Reliable Results

Application: Ability to acquire real-time downhole data during deepwater frac pack and completion installation

Applied Acoustics

To effectively transmit real-time data during a frac-pack installation requires the ability to acquire data while tripping, at no flow or no flow conditions, with a variety of downhole fluids including large amounts of proppant requiring a full bore, and whilst the BOP’s are closed and or in reverse circulating conditions.

Different Decisions

The acoustic telemetry network was deployed to monitor the downhole conditions and weights applied during screen installation, packer setting and to maintain weight on packers during critical operations such as the mini-frac, step rate tests and actual frac operations.  In addition to weight, downhole bore and annular pressures were compared with surface annular pressures to aid in decision making, removing the uncertainty associated with modeling downhole conditions relying only on surface measurements.

Reliable Results

An industry first application of this new technology transmitted real-time downhole data through all phases of the operation, demonstrating the large discrepancies in weight applied at surface to weight actually applied downhole during operations such as acid cycling and the minifrac, where temperature, fluid density and pressure effects are continuously changing the actually applied weights at the packer over short time intervals.