Reliable Results

Application: Ability to monitor sweep efficiency and hole cleaning in horizontal wells whilst drilling

Applied Acoustics

Along string measurements of downhole pressure are needed to effectively monitor the efficiency of sweeps along horizontal wells to optimize drilling performance. In addition full bore capability is required to pump effective amounts of sweep material to effectively move cuttings along the wellbore.

Different Decisions

The acoustic telemetry network was deployed with measurement nodes situated along the string. Interval ECD’s were calculated between measurement nodes to judge the effectiveness of the sweeps and its effect on hole cleaning in various sections of the wellbore.

Reliable Results

The acoustic telemetry network and distributed sensor nodes monitored the sweeps as they transitioned around the wellbore showing which sections had issues relating to cuttings transport and hole cleaning. This demonstrates the applicability of the acoustic telemetry network even in horizontal wellbores and its ability through distributed sensors to effectively monitor the whole wellbore for better optimization of drilling parameters.