Reliable Results

Application: Ability to transmit data through a downhole packer

Applied Acoustics

Deepwater operator wanted to evaluate a slot previously abandoned at the 20” casing shoe. Time and cost of purchasing a riser and rigtime made this uneconomic with conventional technology. Operation required measurement below and above a packer, the ability to transmit data through a packer and back to surface in low and no flow conditions and full through bore capability for wireline evaluation and the potential to cement through the string.

Different Decisions

Operator decided to run a riserlesss operation utilizing the XACT acoustic network with measurement nodes positioned above and below a packer. Data was successfully acquired and transmitted in real-time through a fully inflated packer so the Formation Integrity Test could be monitored and completed safely and to the limits required for recovery of the slot without damaging the formation. Additional data acquired during the run allowed for better decision making relating to the operation of downhole bypass subs and the setting and inflation of the packer.

Reliable Results

Operator successfully and safely completed the operation that may never have been attempted without the expanded operating envelope provided by the XACT telemetry network. Large cost savings in both the evaluation and efficiency of the operation.  Subsequent huge value creation in the recovery of a previously abandoned slot on a deepwater platform. Industry first operation of transmission through a packer in real-time with no modification required of downhole or surface equipment.