Reliable Results

Application: Ability to transmit data while tripping

Applied Acoustics

Conventional telemetry systems require both a full column of mud inside the drillipe and fluid flow above a set threshold to function. It is widely understood within the industry that up to 75% of all well control incidents occur whilst off bottom with no flow, or whilst tripping in and out of the hole with the pipe in the elevators and not connected to the topdrive.

Different Decisions

A deepwater operator utilized the XACT network on a realtime Liner Hanger running operation. In addition client wanted to monitor the effective operation of an autofill system in the drillpipe which required the ability to transmit data without flowing and whilst tripping. Subsequently tripping data supplied in and out of hole to 22000’

Reliable Results

Operator successfully deployed the acoustic telemetry network and received data such as downhole and distributed weight, torque, annular and bore pressure and temperatures while tripping. Operator successfully monitored the autofill operation whilst tripping in the hole. In addition confirming the applicability of transmitting real-time data whilst tripping for use in wellbore monitoring and early kick detection. Impacting both the safety and efficiency of operations and the Non Productive time associated with well control and well stability issues.